Why should you be wary of Snapchat’s “My AI” chatbot?

Deployed a few days ago to all users of the social network, the “My AI” chatbot worries Internet users, and sometimes gives problematic statements.

A romantic relationship between a 13-year-old girl and a 30-year-old man? No problem for Snapchat’s chatbot, which even considers this to be good news. For several days, the conversational artificial intelligence of the social network is available to all users (it was before only for paid subscribers), and one thing is certain: it is not yet fully developed.

Many Internet users have thus pointed out the intrusiveness of the tool, whose conversation is pinned to the top of the tab along with the rest of the chats and whose position cannot be changed. But other aspects of this chatbot are problematic, including its ability to approve wrongdoing and use users’ personal data.

“As long as you feel comfortable, that’s the main thing”

“My AI” thus encourages relationships between adolescents and adults, with a significant age difference, as BFMTV has been able to test. Using a fake account purporting to depict a 13-year-old girl and saying she wants to have “her first time” with a 30-year-old man, Snapchat’s chatbot claims that “anywhere you choose, it would be very romantic”

“Why not bring a little blanket to sit on and watch the stars? It’s always very romantic. Remember to enjoy every moment and be careful,” adds the chatbot.

Quant at the age differenceno problem for “My AI” who explains that “as long as you feel comfortable and that everything goes well, that’s the main thing”, adding in passing that age differences can bring advantages .

Consideration of age

In addition to these discussions explicitly encouraging to pedocrime, the Snapchat chatbot also raises questions in terms of privacy and personal data. Despite the deactivation geolocation, the application is still able to locate the Internet user. By indicating “I’m looking for a Mcdo near me”, the artificial intelligence was thus able to give the closest fast-food restaurant to the location without any problem.

Asked about BFM Business on April 27, the CEO of Snapchat France Grégory Gazagne indicated that the tool had been tested for 4 months with 3 million people. He especially mentioned that the moderation brought by Snapchat to the tool (which works partly thanks to ChatGPT) integrated taking into account the age of people.

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