What is ‘turbulence’ on TikTok? The bizarre trend explained

If you thought turbulence on a plane was bad, just wait till you find out what it means on TikTok.

That’s right, a trend has emerged whose name was inspired by those unpleasant inflight jolts.

Warning: This trend does involve some NSFW material.

Head to the video-sharing app, and you’ll find a plethora of clips using the hashtag “turbulence” or close variations.

Many of the most viewed options were created by content creator Just Jo, whose videos have been stitched and commented on by the likes of ishowspeed and Kai Cenat who have millions of followers between them.

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Indeed, Just Jo is credited with kicking the whole craze off back in 2021.

The streamer was performing a dance live on TikTok when he announced that there was a “whole bunch of turbulence” going on.

Well, that doesn’t sound so bad, you may say to yourself, but the “dance” in question wasn’t your standard viral routine.

Instead, it involved Just Jo slapping his penis loudly from side to side between his thighs – and thus, a new craze was born.

Since then, he has published countless follow-ups, showing his skill at rhythmically clapping his gear, getting it to go at top speed, or simply explaining how it’s done.


He’s unstoppable @JUSTJOOO Turbulence 😫 #justjoo #turbulence #thugshake #justjoofficial #viral #foryoupage

Still, the one saving grace is that the… eh hem… physical mechanisms used to create the “turbulence” are never shown: the videos are filmed from the waist upwards.

This leaves the viewer wondering if the slapping sound is really coming from the implied NSFW source, or whether it’s down to a pair of hands belonging to a hidden participant.

Regardless, all we can say is this “turbulence” stuff is enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

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