TikTok filters starring Princess Peach and Chun-Li are risking users getting banned

TikTok users are encountering huge problems with NSFW 777 filters, which is getting accounts banned without their consent.

The filter in question relates to Street Fighter character Chun-Li but also reportedly features Hello Kitty and Princess Peach from SuperMario Bros. It revolves around the popular ‘pick your favourite’ format, where you tilt your head left or right to choose between two options.

For instance, at first, the Chun-Li filter seems like harmless fun with art of the Street Fighter characters popping up and users choosing which ones they prefer.

However, the filter contains explicit hidden images which can pop up before users realise what’s happening.

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TikTok has strict rules on nudity, and it’s led to some accounts being banned. Even having the videos in drafts can have negative consequences for users.

An explainer video posted by @noahglenncarter broke down the recent NSFW filter, saying: “This filter has already been taken down, but it looked like this… If you put it on and tapped the screen, the picture would change to a very different picture of Chun-Li and she would be wearing nothing and showing everything. There was also a picture on there where she was going for a ride, if you know what I mean.”

The filter has caught out a lot of TikTok usersTikTok/@noahglenncarter

“This filter was incredibly dangerous because anyone who actually posted with it and showed what it did got their entire account banned.”

The filter has reportedly been banned and removed for promoting NSFW content.

Meanwhile, there’s been much discussion recently over the dangers of various TikTok challenges, and indy100 took an in-depth look at the dangers young people face on the app.

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