‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’ Launches TikTok – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: James Corden is heading to TikTok, sort of.

CBS is curating a 20+ hours-long collection of the 1,200 most memorable moments of The Late Late Show ahead of its final episode on Thursday.

The TikTok Live Countdown (@CBS) kicks off after the penultimate East Coast airing of The Late Late Show on Wednesday (April 26) and will stream continuously, with no moments repeated, until the start of the East Coast airing of The Last Last Late Late Show with James Corden Carpool Karaoke Special on Thursday at 10pm.

The countdown will feature monologues, news, guest interviews, musical performances, Carpool Karaoke and recurring segments. It was curated by Nick Bernstein, the Senior Vice President, Late Night Programming, CBS, West Coast, who is well known to viewers for many of the daft positions that Corden put him in during the pandemic.

Corden will also be seen throughout the primetime schedule as he is “hosting” the lineup. Ahead of his own primetime special, he will pop up on screen with intros for Young Sheldon, Ghosts and So Help Me Todd. The Brit will also be seen driving in animated form across screens during various CBS shows through Thursday.

Bernstein said, “I personally went through 900 plus episodes of the show and I think we curated a real mix of the big moments that everyone will have fun watching again and other moments that will have people say “this is really what they did during the pandemic?” And every hour during the countdown, Steve Scalfati will be playing some of his best known news jingles, a sentence that would have sounded insane in 2019. Also, if James ever asks me specifically what it is I do, now I can tell him I made a TikTok for them. Actually, someone else physically made it, but I made a lot of great suggestions.”

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