The Fall of the Ohayon Empire

He is a discreet businessman, who began to build his empire in Bordeaux by buying commercial premises, before handing over the management to brands. He also buys hotels. These operations allow it to develop in luxury real estate in particular. In 2022, Challenges estimates its fortune at more than one billion euros. Its holding company, the Financière immobilière bordelaise (FIB), manages more than 150 companies. To build his empire, Michel Ohayon also buys signs for a symbolic euro at the helm of the commercial courts, promising to invest massively and save as many jobs as possible. This is what he does with Camaïeu, Gap and Go Sport.

But many of his promises will not be kept. Camaïeu is liquidated in September 2022. 2,600 people find themselves unemployed. While Go Sport is sold to Intersport. Even the private post-baccalaureate schools that the entrepreneur had developed with his son are closing one after the other.

In addition, in Marseille, a real estate project is on hold for lack of funding, while some buyers had already paid 90% of the price of their apartment. It now appears that Michel Ohayon’s empire was built on debt. Through its various subsidiaries, it has taken out several large loans from Chinese, Australian and British banks. The liabilities of its holding company, the FIB (now in receivership), is estimated by the courts at 500 million euros.

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Michel Ohayon: the reasons for a cascade of bankruptcies, an investigation by Maxime Fayolle for the investigation unit of Radio France.

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