‘Tako’ is not your favorite food, but the AI ​​that TikTok has been working on for months

The popular social network also points to generative language models.

'Tako' is not your favorite food, but the AI ​​that TikTok has been working on for months
Image of the symbol of the possible future TikTok chatbot. Bing Image Creator

The artificial intelligence It is gaining ground in most large technology companies. And no wonder. The possibilities that automatic content generation offers us are so spectacularas could be the case of Bing Chat to find answers to your doubts or GIVE HER to create never-before-seen images. Now the most popular social network seems to be working on integrating your own AI.

TikTok could not miss the party of artificial intelligence

Recently, according to information that has been leaked by The Verge, we have learned that TikTok would be in the implementation phase of a functionality that we do not know if many people need, but that could be interesting to enhance its platform. The company of has secured on his Twitter account is this AI developed and, in addition, they have already been able to see some screenshots where both the icon that would take us to it and its operation are shown.

The tiktok artificial intelligencepresumably called ‘So’would be in charge of recommend videos to users, based on the questions they asked. In the screenshot that we show you under these lines, for example, we can see how a new icon appears on the main screen, in the form of a ghost. In his presentation, this AI assures that ‘Feel free to ask me anything you want and I’ll do my best to help you find what you’re looking for’.

Screenshot of TikTok's new AI

Screenshot of the new TikTok AI. The Verge

Although it may seem like more of the same, it is curious to see the twist than an AI on a social network like TikTok could provide to the user. It seems that the new generations are betting on social networks to stay informed, instead of going to Google or the more traditional web. To continue with the example, instead of searching for ‘coronación de Carlos III’ in Google, TikTok wants to use tako to ask ‘what is the importance of the coronation of King Carlos III’. Through the visual element, it is possible that the user can spend a good time exploring recommended videos to find out about a global event.

We will see if the implementation of this artificial intelligence is close, but we think it could be important for what TikTok continues to be relevant in the digital society of our era. By the way, the notice when using So makes it clear that, once again, our data are exposed in the Chinese company, because we are dealing with an experimental AI. Nothing new, but the same danger that international regulation wants to eliminate in the use of AI.

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