TikTok expands partnership with the New York Yankees and the YES Network to continue growing the baseball fan experience

Baseball content is incredibly popular on TikTok, with over 58 billion views for #baseball to date. All year-round, our global community of baseball fans come to TikTok to react and engage with the teams and players they love so much, while creatively and authentically connecting with other fans around the world. From the minor leagues […]

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Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram… on which social network do the French spend the most time?

TikTok, YouTube, Twitch or WhatsApp… Apps have become an integral part of our lives. And sometimes we spend a little too much time on it; up to more than an hour and a half for TikTok for example. Find out how much time we spend online and which social network addicts us the most in […]

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Will ChatGPT kill the social network?

Has Snapchat caused a user exodus? By integrating a version of ChatGPT into its application, the social network has in any case aroused the concern of its community. We explain why the platform’s latest idea is causing controversy… Snapchat users booked an icy welcome To My AI, the chatbot powered by ChatGPT. In the days […]

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