Madison Beer and Drew Barrymore Discuss Suicide Attempts

Madison Beer opened up to Drew Barrymore about her two suicide attempts on Barrymore’s talk show. Barrymore told Beer she also tried to take her own life twice. Warning: The following story contains details of suicidal ideation. Loading Something is loading. Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you’re […]

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Madison Beer Said She Contemplated Suicide After Nudes Leaked Without Her Consent

Content warning: This story contains a discussion of suicide. Madison Beer revealed that she contemplated suicide after her nudes were leaked without her consent. According to an excerpt published by People Magazine from her upcoming memoir The Half of It, Beer was only 16 when this happened. Beer, now 24, recalls how a boy she […]

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Madison Beer Recalls Having Nude Videos Leaked At 15

Madison Beer Revealed She Attempted Suicide After Her Nude Videos Were Leaked Online Without Her Consent When She Was 15. “I probably was even maybe 14, 13 in some of the videos that exist… The adults around me were telling me this was bad, and it was going to ruin my career.”. Leyla Mohammed.

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