Notable June weather change: Worcester going … – Worcester Telegram

The 35-degree difference is the second-highest numerical drop in a 24-hour period in Worcester’s history for June since 1949. It is just one degree short of the record — a 36-degree drop in our …

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Montana’s governor is going after Temu, WeChat, and Telegram, too

Getty Images In addition to signing a bill into law that bans TikTok in the state of MontanaGovernor Greg Gianforte wants to ban other apps from foreign tech companies. Gianforte accused Telegram, WeChat, and Ago of being affiliated with “foreign adversaries” and wants the apps out of Montana. Gianforte is also going after the other […]

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What’s going on with the Paralympics TikTok? – BBC News

It’s not unusual to scroll through TikTok and see something that makes you ask: “Is that ok?” And recently, viral videos from one account have been dividing opinion over their portrayal of …

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