How TikTok sensation Squishmallows found Warren Buffett

May 13 (Reuters) – Squishmallows joined Warren Buffett’s business empire two years after Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and others helped make the plush stuffed toys a viral sensation on TikTok. For Judd and Laura Zebersky, whose company Jazwares makes the toys, the success of Squishmallows is hardly what they imagined when they met 33 years […]

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The Super Rich Have Found A New Way To Skip The TSA: Buying Private Train Cars

In the movie Wall Street, Michael Douglas’s Gordon Gekko woos Charlie Sheen’s Bud Fox to the dark side by rhapsodizing about being “rich enough to have your own jet.” But maybe that’s becoming old hat? As per an item in Robb Reportthe newest status symbol is to do it like they did 100 years ago, […]

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