Mbappé and Messi still at the top of the individual rankings in Ligue 1

At the end of the 34th day of Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain won on the lawn of Troyes. The opportunity for Kylian Mbappé to stay in the fight for the title of top scorer by regaining his first place in the standings ahead of Alexandre Lacazette.

Victorious at the Stade de l’Aube against Troyes (1-3), Paris Saint-Germain are back to winning ways. Christophe Galtier’s men now have a 6-point lead over their new Lensois runner-up. Paris will receive Ajaccio at the Parc des Princes next Saturday at 9 p.m. to try to maintain its lead at the top of the championship.

The Parisians were able to count on a Kylian Mbappe once again decisive. Author of a fifth goal in four matches, the French international opened the scoring after a ball pushed back by the crossbar of Trojan goalkeeper Gauthier Gallon (8th). A goal that allows him to regain the lead in the scorers’ rankings ahead of Lyonnais Alexandre Lacazette, author of a quadruple against Montpellier. The two attackers thus point to 24 units, ahead of Jonathan David (21), Lois Openda (19) and Habib Diallo (18).

Leo Messi (15) still dominates the passers ranking ahead of his teammate Neymar Jr (11), Jonathan Clauss (10), Rémy Cabella (9) and Caio Henrique (9).

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