IN IMAGES – 7 erotic Instagram accounts to blush with envy

Often evocative titles that leave little doubt as to the content of the images. On Instagram, drawings, photos or other materials convey messages of an erotic nature. Sexual, yes, but not vulgar. These accounts play on the aesthetics of the human body, especially the female one, and social media bans by managing to defy the prohibition of certain parts of the woman’s body, such as the nipples, by tricks or simple evocations.

They are above all aesthetic, worked, like most of the profiles on this social network devoted to sharing images. Some of them have already made a small reputation in the media. Others use Instagram as a means of communication for their lingerie brand. In any case, these accounts share a common point: once you have put your finger on it, they will make you blush…

1 – The pretty lower backs of 1001fesses

The name does not leave much mystery. The account 1001fesses exposes back stockings in all situations, never in a lewd view. Natural, simple, poetic, the photos are sensual without being sexy, erotic without being sexual. The buttocks are photographed artistically, in nature, in motion, lying down, sitting…

One of the pictures of "1001 buttocks"

One of the images of “1001 buttocks”

Credit: Instagram / @1001fesses_project

A perfect account for all lovers of pairs of brioches, plump, flat, white, tanned, firm, soft, tattooed or not… In short, happiness for all.

2 – Daring lingerie on the Rituelles side

It is primarily for commercial purposes that this account sends erotic shots to its subscribers. Rituals offers pieces of f(emin)ine lingerie and stages them in quite evocative shoots. Women in bras or bare breastswhose nipples are hidden by subtle red dots.

One of the parts of "Rituals" published on the Instagram account

One of the “Rituelles” pieces published on the Instagram account

Credit: Instagram / @lesrituelles

From the languorous poses of undressed girls, the Rituelles Instagram feed promises a few heat-ups with guilty looks.

3 – Sex scenes in Guilty Looks

Speaking of guilty looks, that’s just the name from another account which offers unequivocally erotic drawings. If we often find concrete sex scenes where there is no room for imagination, other sketches are more suggestive and reveal more an emotion than a specific sexual act. This is for example the case with this drawing of a hand which, we understand, caresses itself.

One of the suggestive drawings of "Regards Ccoupables"

One of the suggestive drawings of “Regards Coupables”

Credit: Instagram / @regards_coupables

This symbol has become the trademark of the Instagram account, which has also started making drawings in animated gifs, for even more realism.

4 – Little luxuries and their erotic scenes

The latter is reminiscent The Little Lusts which have flourished on Instagram since November 30, 2014. An account noticed in the media thanks to its 634,000 subscribers. His clean drawings, with fine lines and suggestive outlines, were very successful. They are often found in other users as a tattoo.

One of the drawings from Petites luxures referring to the new year

One of the drawings from Petites luxures referring to the new year

Credit: Instagram / @petitesluxures

They have this particularity of putting explicit sex scenes on paper and always accompanied by a small comment that plays on an expression French language or song titles. There are also many sex situations straight than lesbianeven a few orgies.

5 – The sensual mouths of Nastia

If we come across a few shots of buttocks or bodies in lingerie, it is especially with women’s face what Nastya conveys a certain sensuality in his photos. Close-ups on the mouth and lips in particular convey an eroticism without aggressiveness or vulgarity.

One of the sensual mouths of "Nastya"

One of the sensual mouths of “Nastia”

Credit: Instagram / @nastia.jpg

Aesthetic, poetic, sensual, these mouths evoke the sexual character of this organ which serves us on a daily basis and is exposed to everyone’s view.

6 – Even more eroticism in drawings with Safiabahmedschwartz

Not too much room for the imagination in the designs of Safiabahmedschwartz. Penises that penetrate vaginas from behind, a mouth approaching an acorn, a woman’s body astride her partner… The sexual positions and gestures leave no doubt in these sketches that alternate between white background and black background.

The drawings on a black background by Safiabahmedschwartz

The drawings on a black background by Safiabahmedschwartz

Credit: Instagram / @safiabahmedschwartz

There too, these drawings are successful among tattooed people who reproduce these daring scenes on their skin. The designer also sells her works on son site internetin posters or in other forms.

7 – The daring and colorful stained glass windows of Touchmedeeply

Sex yes, but in color! This is what jumps out at you when you open the Instagram page of Touchmedeeply. The account name – “touch me deeply” in French – indicates the type of page being visited. But nothing shocking here either. The artist also uses his talent in pencil to evoke sexual acts, but here the aestheticism of the stained-glass window softens the raw character of the drawing.

A sex scene with a stained glass impression

A sex scene with a stained glass impression

Credit: Instagram / @Touchmedeeply

The scenes thus become less visible, less obvious. As with this example where we end up, by dint of concentration, seeing a woman grabbing the buttocks of another person, herself on all fours. But the multicolored reflections attenuate the forms. These Instagram accounts make, thanks to their artistic talent, disappear the vulgar behind aesthetics.

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