How to get TikTok wrapped 2023?

It’s no surprise that TikTok has soared in popularity in the last few years with a staggering 30.8 million users per day as of December 2021.

Now, one developer her created a tool for people to delve into their TikTok habits throughout the year.

Taking inspiration from Spotify Wrapped, the company Vantezzen rounds up how many videos a user has watched in the past year, the time spent on the app and the user’s longest TikTok session.

It also lifts the lid on your interactions, including how many likes and comments were left on videos.

It’s simple and free to use. All you need to do is:

  • Go to Privacy and Settings on TikTok and request to download data
  • Go to Wrapped for TikTok and submit the downloaded document
  • Voila! You will then be shown a round-up of your TikTok habits

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‘Wrapped’ features have become a hotly anticipated feature for some apps, with Spotify users waiting all year to be told their favourite tracks.

One woman took inspiration from the popular tool and created her very own “dating wrapped”.

In her slideshow, she said: “If there’s one thing I know about me it’s that I love a PowerPoint and, apparently, a first date – because I went on 18 this year.”

The next page showed a pie chart which showed exactly where she found these men: Tinder, Facebook, Hinge or “in the wild”.

“I met one in the wild,” she said. “We kissed in a bar on New Year’s Eve and things really went downhill from there,”

Tinder and Hinge were split “pretty evenly”, she went on, and one encounter came out of Facebook Dating.

“I 1,000 per cent wouldn’t recommend that,” she stressed. “I would rather ask my father to buy me lingerie than to get back on Facebook Dating.”

The TikToker then answered the question: “How many dates did we go on?” by confirming that one or two was the most common number, with six being the most.

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