Author and journalist Rebekka Endler


Rebekka Endler is a German freelance writer and journalist. She hosts a feminist literary criticism podcast. She wrote the book The Patriarchy of Objects, why the world is not suitable for women after hearing about a news item: a woman had been fined for having preferred to urinate in a public garden rather than in a pissotière for men.

Juliette Arnaud’s hot topic

The red carpet dress code is well known: men wear suits, women wear big, more or less complicated dresses, heels that prevent you from sprinting in case of misfortune, and cleavage thank you very much. And then, yesterday, in Cannes, a group of actors, those of the last Almodovar, arrived, very pretty, well dressed, but without shirts. Necklines, therefore. Costs! Obviously to accompany their appearance, they had chosen the ad hoc music…

Contents of this show:

Aymeric Lompret’s chronicle: Long live unemployment!

Charline Vanhoenacker’s post : Rebellious Fraud

Hippolyte Girardot’s chronicle: Tribute to Raymond Queneau

The chronicle of Isabelle Sorente: The Patriarchy of Objects de Rebekka Endler

The musical program of this show

LEYLA MCCALA – Dodinin (2022)

DAVID BOWIE – German version of ” Heroes (”89 Remix) Heroes (Heroes) (1976)

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