A Nigerian Chef Cooked Nonstop for 100 Hours to Set the World Record

  • Chef Hilda Effiong Bassey cooked more than 55 recipes during her attempt to set the world record for longest continuous cooking session.
  • Nigerian artists, politicians, and locals all showed her support during the 100-hour feat.
  • The cooking marathon was praised for emphasizing the unique spirit of Nigerian culture and cuisine.

Last Thursday, Nigerian chef Hilda Bassey began an attempt to set a Guinness World Record. Over the next 100 hours, the Lagos-based chef cooked 55 recipes, hoping to beat the world record for longest continuous cooking session by a single individual.

The previous record was set at 87 hours and 45 minutes by India’s Lata Tondon, who sent a message of support for Bassey on Instagramwriting, “Hope to see you on Official Site of Guinness Book Of World Record Soon !!”

Bassey is still waiting for the Guinness world record committee to officially confirm that she has met the criteria to hold the title.

Over three days, Bassey cooked dozens of Nigerian recipes, from jollof rice to bean flour akara.

“Nigerian cuisine is the best out there,” chef Bassey told CNN. “The more recipes are propagated, the more people will be willing to try it.”

Fans showed their support — celebrities, politicians, and locals stopped by to root her on. Throughout the entire cook-a-thon, the chef kept her spirits high by dancing and celebrating with supportive passersby. Bassey attributes her ability to overcome roadblocks during the challenge to the unfaltering support of the people around her.

“The first day was the most difficult. I was ready to give up 6 hours in. I feel like a miracle happened and somehow I got to this. The support has been incredible,” Bassey told CNN.

Cookathon MC and media personality Enioluwa Adeoluwa witnessed firsthand the community that formed around Bassey. “When a Nigerian is doing something, we all come out to show support,” he told CNN.

President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari also congratulated Bassey on her accomplishment, writing, “A great day for Nigeria. We’re all very proud of what she has personally accomplished—and placing Nigeria in the global spotlight.”

The Lagos-based chef has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram sharing her recipes online. Nigerian foodlike fufu, has gone viral on TikTok and other social platforms in recent years. Bassey’s work is helping to increase its global popularity and recognition.

Although the world record committee is still verifying Bassey’s attempt, Nigerians are proud of their hometown hero.

“The whole of Nigeria is rooting for you,” actress and businesswoman Bukky Wright wrote in a top comment on Instagram.

“In less than 24hours you will be celebrated by the world. wow I’m more than proud,” another commenter added.

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