50+ must-follow groups and channels in 2023

On Telegram, you’ll find porn groups to watch, exchange, share X in all its forms. You’ll find adult videos, amateur sex scenes, leaked celebrity sex tapes and the craziest performances from little naughty girls who want to show off. Discover the 50 telegram porn groups that we have chosen for you and enjoy yourself !

What is the best telegram porn group ?

You may already know the telegram Nudes groups, specialized in sexy images of naughty girls? Well, here is their X version, with 50 telegram porn groups for lovers of hardcore, sex scenes and very hot sharing. There is something for everyone !

telegram porn

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#1 – RSLD Pr00n

RSLD Proon is the place to be for porn video lovers, since they can enjoy a new X video every day. What to discover the stars of tomorrow, little sluts assumed and very hot performances !

Link: https://t.me/rsldforever

#2 – UpsssX

This telegram porn group will delight lovers of sex tapes, celebrities or amateurs. It’s so naughty to enter the intimacy of these couples, with very naughty videos to find every day !

Link: https://t.me/upsssx

#3 – SexWife Channel

A telegram porn group for those who want to see scenes where married women get fucked, sometimes by their husbands, sometimes by their lovers… A lot of very hot videos are waiting for you on this very active group !

Link: https://t.me/sexwife

#4 – PrOON

On Proon, you’ll find dozens of porn videos featuring the biggest porn actresses of the moment, with productions from the catalog of the biggest studios. So you don’t miss anything of the craziest performances without paying !

Link: https://t.me/Pr00n

#5 – Asian Bad Bitch

If you like asian girls, you can admire these 100 naked asian women or subscribe to the Asian Bad Bitch porn telegram group. It’s hard to make more explicit than this group name, in which you’ll find XXX content from Japan, Korea, Vietnam or Thailand !

Link: https://t.me/+MqVTGHRl5oQyYThk

#6 – BDSM meeting

For fans of bondage, domination or submission, here is an interesting telegram group. It puts in relation amateurs of these practices, for very hot exchanges and/or meetings placed under the sign of pleasure.

Link: https://t.me/+N7MBg9LCEgRkOWI8

#7 – Cum Fetish

This telegram porn group is for those who love cum, on the face, body or in the orifices of different women. Thousands of images and videos circulate between the members and the amateurs will be delighted to be able to see so much cum on so many naughty women !

Link: https://t.me/cumfetish

#8 – Naughty America

Naughty America is a porn studio that makes countless XXX movies, with American naughty girls who want to show the world how slutty the girls there can be. With this Telegram porn group, you will have access to all the content of this site, for free !

Link: https://t.me/Naughty_America_premium

#9 – Kehland

A telegrap porn group to see naughty beurettes and other pretty girls who love to expose their bodies and their prowess in bed, via photos or videos. There are many people on it, for daily sharing.

Link: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFYYRqUxLdWl5pjhPA

#10 – Shemale

For trans’ lovers, the telegram porn group Shemale is a real gold mine. The photos and videos that circulate here are super hot and you can chat with shemales ready to share pleasure in different forms.

Link: https://t.me/Shemale

#11 – Blacked

Blacked, in X, is to be fucked by a black man. In this group, you will find all the videos and pictures of this category, with pretty white girls who are taken by strong and massive black men, until they scream with pleasure.

Link: https://t.me/blacked_prem

#12 – Oral Love

As the name of this telegram porn group perfectly suggests, this one is dedicated to oral pleasure : fellatio, cunni and other practices requiring a mouth, for a regular sharing of the best blowjobs and the naughtiest oral pleasures in pictures, gifs and videos.

Link: https://t.me/orallove

#13 – PuretabooX

A group for taboo sex lovers, with X-rated videos featuring step-dads, step-daughters, moms and other cousins, in very hot situations !

Link: https://t.me/puretaboox

#14 – Fetish Play

XXX content for this telegram porn group dedicated to all kinds of fetishes. There is plenty to enjoy, for lovers of feet, handcuffs or particular fetish, with a plethora of images and daily videos.

Link: https://t.me/+ZuNdeEGg08M2MWNk

#15 – Random Porn

In this group, only porn videos and pictures, without any particular category. Just X in all its forms for lovers of hard sex, who can exchange with members and make specific requests.

Link: https://t.me/random_porn

#16 – Femdomination

For men who like dominatrixes, here is one of the best telegram porn groups. Domination and sexy women, dressed in leather, who take a malicious pleasure to submit men who feel a crazy pleasure !

Link: https://t.me/femdomination

#17 – Pornhub video

A telegram group on which are shared the top videos of the porn site Pornhub. You can find the best of porn without having to browse the site of the same name. Only quality, every day !

Link: https://t.me/p0rnhub_videos

#18 – Porn Drive

A porn telegram group where you can find the best of the world’s porn and download the videos on your mobile device. Practical, to create naughty files in a few clicks.

Link: https://t.me/pornodrive

#19 – Hot Girl to Fap

On this group, there is a mix of naughty images of naked girls, as on the best Sexy Instagram accounts, but also X videos of pretty young women very naughty. For a quick pleasure, it’s the top.

Link: https://t.me/hotgirlstofapat

#20 – Channel Sex

This telegram porn group gathers hundreds of X videos in High Definition, to enjoy the best scenes in the best quality !

Link: https://t.me/channelsex

#21 – Channelducul

Here you will find links that will send you to the best porn sites, according to your desires and your hardest fantasies. Choice, good selection and regular updates to not miss anything.

Link: https://t.me/canalducul

#22 – Swinger

You would like to meet couples or naughty girls who want to share pleasure with others ? The telegram porn group swingers is for you, with its followers of libertinage who often make attractive proposals.

Link: https://t.me/+yQjygo2gjW1mMWQ0

#23 – Brazzers

Brazzers is one of the biggest studios in the porn industry and this telegram group lists the hottest videos, shared and downloadable. Find your favorite porn actors and actresses and enjoy their performances easily.

Link: https://t.me/Brazzers2017

#24 – Hentai World

As the title suggests, this telegram porn group is for Hentai lovers who will find tons of hardcore images and videos of animated characters. It’s hard and fans will be delighted to have access to such content so easily.

Link: https://t.me/+Roein6J-1pY3MGJk

#25 – Pornomania

A telegram group dedicated to porn games, free and paid, on which you will find the best in current sex games. You’ll find rare gems and games of a crazy intensity, with very exciting graphics !

Link: https://t.me/+anJYjEipZYRiYThk

#26 – Misscam

Misscam is the most famous telegram porn group to see couples in action, via webcam. We also meet solo girls who enjoy themselves but the main part is composed of live X videos, from very naughty amateurs.

Link: https://t.me/misscam

#27 – Cougar dating

You like mature women? You would like to meet some ? Then join this telegram porn group where the most successful milfs and cougars share their bodies and desires. You will be able to chat with naughty and horny members and maybe organize nice meetings.

Link: https://t.me/+sw4K1XYtcXw2MWQ8

#28 – Uncensored

Another telegram group for Hentai fans with this time a large selection of uncensored images and videos. You’ll find the best of hentai without the mosaics, for an increased pleasure and without taboo !

Link: https://t.me/uncensored_channel

#29 – Meet Belles Rondes

This telegram porn group allows you to get in touch with curvy women, with luscious bodies and assumed shapes, who want to fuck as soon as possible. Between the hot images and videos and the very naughty conversations, you will easily find a companion of pleasure.

Link: https://t.me/rencontre_bellesrondes

#30 – SexWife Russia

A discussion group (and exchange of videos and photos) that puts you in contact with Russian domina. You might as well say that they will be merciless with you, if you like to be at their mercy !

Link: https://t.me/sexwiferussia

#31 – The Saale

On this French-speaking group, only hard content, with images and porn videos chosen with care. The members love to share what turns them on the most and as the users come from different backgrounds, we find everything !

Link: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE7cEUdygBJh8OUzPg

#32 – Lana Hentai

Lana is a lover of Hentai and cosplay who does not hesitate to put herself in all the costumes that excite her followers and to realize the pornographic desires of the members. It’s hot, especially since Lana is a real hottie !

Link: https://t.me/+zDJKuBCee3YxYjE0

#33 – Jacquie et Michel Official

This is the official telegram porn group of the famous adult video brand. You’ll find French amateur porn and some great girls to chat with. Take the opportunity to ask for their porn actress snap and continue the discussion elsewhere !

Link: https://t.me/+tPxX6WKk2yo4NWNk

#34 -Saraah the Beurette

Sarah is a sissy who loves her body and who loves to excite those who watch her. A great way to spend hot moments in her company, with top quality X-rated images and videos.

Link: https://t.me/+1xusT0HmgK4xMmM0

#35 – BDSM Life

Another telegram porn group dedicated to bondage, submission and domination. There are many members, who share their cravings and their most torrid achievements every day.

Link: https://t.me/+r03_G27OWCZkZTE0

#36 – Amateur Gay Porn

A porn group on telegram where you can find very hot members of the gay community. Only amateurs, who want to get hot, have fun and sometimes even meet each other. For gays, this is one of the hottest porn groups !

Link: https://t.me/joinchat/HXz1GbmWb6YyY2Rk

#37 – Top Adult site

This telegram group allows you to discover new porn sites every day. Members explore the net for you and find rare gems, which are shared here. Discuss it and make your requests if you have particular desires !

Link: https://t.me/+1j68guTZkmlmM2Q0

#38 – Your Baby Girl

A super exciting telegram group where you will find only porn content about teens and young women doing porn. You can watch or download the videos for free for fun at any time !

Link: https://t.me/joinchat/S4IKVysgBVex9D82

#39 – Destructive Addiction NSFW

Here, the proposed content oscillates between softcore, hard and very hard. You will be able to enjoy erotic images, to make the pleasure go up, before letting yourself be carried away by very hot BDSM videos !

Link: https://t.me/destructiveaddiction

#40 -Full PLS

A telegram porn group that has over 400,000 members, who exchange and comment on porn content. The X videos shared are all from the biggest X studios and you will definitely recognize some of the pornstars that turn you on the most !

Link: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFQZG5dV-d0aQQ2XoA

#41 – Big ASS Milf

What more to say that the name of the group did not say ? You will see buttocks, naked, in thong, in front of a mirror or penetrated, belonging to Milfs who will give you crazy envy !

Link: https://t.me/bigassmilf

#42 – Gif Porno

For lovers of animated images, the telegram group Gif Porno is a small treasure trove. There are super hot gifs, from various categories, that will delight the fans!

Link: https://ttttt.me/joinchat/AAAAAD9z5c6HL9M_KFYrHA

#43 -Foot Fetish

You like feet ? Discover a telegraph group dedicated to this fetish, with soft and porny stuff for those who take a crazy pleasure in looking at the most beautiful girls’ feet.

Link: https://t.me/sexygirlsff

#44 – Japanese Girls

Pictures and videos of Japanese girls are shared on this very naughty telegram group, and lovers of uniforms, cosplay or hard sex will certainly be in heaven to be able to access them so easily.

Link: https://t.me/JapaneseGirls

#45 – Sexopedia

A telegram group for sex lovers, who will find a very rich content with X videos, pictures, comics, mangas, etc. Something to pass the time easily !

Link: https://t.me/sexo_pedia

#46 – VideosSex Teens

For the amateurs of porn with young sexy women, here is a telegram group not to be missed. Only X, only girls in their prime, who love sex and who show it !

Link: https://telegram.me/VideosSexTeens

#47 – Real Sex

A telegram porn group on which many exhibitionist amateurs – often couples – enjoy sharing their sexual exploits. The publications are constant and some couples have nothing to envy to professional actors !

Link: https://telegram.me/RealSex

#48 – Japanese Stars

For the fans of Japanese porn, this telegram group proposes extracts of X movies from Japan and the performances of the best Japanese porn actresses. When we know the abilities of these girls, we can only appreciate this XXX group !

Link: https://telegram.me/joinchat/AAAAAEmQc04nb9kLYXG53g

#49 – Cheating Wifes

If what turns you on is to see women cheating on their husbands, then this telegram group will satisfy you amply. Only cheating women in action, in situations where the risk makes the whole thing super exciting.

Link: https://telegram.me/CheatingWifes

#50 – Sweet Anal

We end this selection of 50 telegram porn groups with a channel dedicated exclusively to sodomy. What else can we say, except that lovers of small asses penetrated by big members will be in heaven.

Link: https://telegram.me/sweetanal

What is a telegram porn group ?

A telegram porn group is a private channel (or open with registration) on which members meet to view X content. Sometimes it is the owner of the channel who publishes his content and the members who enjoy it, sometimes users exchange and comment together for lively and often hardcore groups. You just have to subscribe to the group to enjoy images and videos regularly.

What can be found on telegram porn ?

We find mainly X images, porn videos and Gifs. In the lot, there are a lot of porn videos from big porn studios, videos of couples or amateur naughty girls who like to be watched fucking, or even leaked sex tapes.

Why join a telegram porn group ?

For the fun of it! You will have new content every day and you can exchange and discuss with other users. In addition, on some groups, it is quite possible to meet people. Indeed, members may be interested in more than just virtual exhibition and you can chat with little hotties and older women looking for sex.

How do I add my group to this list ?

You need to ask us and if the group is active, has a sufficient number of members and falls into the telegram Porn group category then it could be added to this list. Be sure to explain what the group contains – types of content, purpose, main category – so that the addition is simplified.

How to report a porn telegram group that no longer works ?

You can add a group telegram porn do via the contact form directly.

It should be noted that some of the groups are sometimes temporarily unavailable, because blocked or when the manager wants to limit the number of members. For girls who have private accounts, it is common, because it allows them to stay close to their subscribers and satisfy their most naughty desires easily.

Are telegram porn groups legal ?

Private telegram porn groups are legal and their members can use them without fear, respecting the Telegram terms of use. However, you should know that it is forbidden to share photos or videos of a person without their consent and that revenge porn activities can be punished by law. So stick to groups dedicated to amateur or professional porn where each user is there for his pleasure !

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