5 French Instagram accounts that will make you blush with pleasure

Instagram is not the best social network to discuss sexuality. However, it is on this platform that discussions on the subject are initiated and woven as publications are published, defying modesty of American business.

Recently, journalist Dora Moutot created the account “Did you enjoy?” to allow women to express themselves on their pleasure and to deconstruct the preconceived ideas that some men and some women have about sex.orgasm feminine.

A few clicks on Instagram later, we discovered several other accounts complementary, feeding in their own way the discourse around sexualities and female pleasure. Discover the selection of our favorite content, between erotic literature and more than modern sex education.

1. “The silent wave”, the most literary

When you hear “erotic literature”, you necessarily think of the saga Fifty Shades of grey ? Put away your disappointments with The silent wave, aesthetic Instagram account that compiles the best contributions of erotic texts. It was created by The predictionherself the author of stories that will make you salivate in a few words.

A phrase selected just for you: “She tells me that I am beautiful when I close my eyes, when I let myself go”.

2. “Did you enjoy?”, the most feminist

“To put an end to the monologues of the clit”, this is the creed of the account “Did you enjoy?”, created on Friday August 17 for journalist Dora Moutot. Its objective: to allow sexually dissatisfied women to speak out and release their enjoyment. “It all started with a rant that resonated with people,” confided to RTL Girls the journalist a few days after its launch.

A phrase selected just for you: “We have to stop being silent and letting them think that everything stops after their balls are empty.”

3. “The Bitch Club”, the funniest

With fragments of thoughts or short humorous dialogues, “Le Bitch Club” offers a modern, raw and feminine version of the Thoughts by Blaise Pascal. We obviously talk about sex and we plead for an uninhibited sexuality.

A phrase selected just for you: “These guys who think that a intercourse without penetration it’s like a meal without meat”

4. “Thank you Beaucul”, the most educational

Arty photos and explanatory messages on the art of fellatio or why and how the nipples point during excitement: this is the magic (and successful!) recipe of “Thank you Beaucul”Instagram account to educate yourself about sexuality with ease.

A phrase selected just for you: “And if we observed each other? And if we took the time to discover the body of his/her partner in another way?”

5. “Jouissance Club”, the most artistic

The mission of “Enjoyment Club” : to deconstruct stereotypes, received ideas and clichés about sexuality and offer our eyes pretty drawings that are more than suggestive.

A phrase selected just for you: “Heterosexual men also like sodomy. But they don’t know it yet.”

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