12 Nude Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow

Until today, we still haven’t completely recovered from the shock that our Instagram account @nakedwanderings suddenly got banned. We were speechless, helpless, sad and angry. Almost did we buy a ticket to Silicon Valley to go kick some butt. Or show some butt, we hadn’t really figured that one out yet.
But then we realized that if we want to keep promoting naturism to the outside world, we need mainstream social media. We need to keep appearing on Instagram nude. So we dried our tears and swallowed our pride and started right over. Hoping that this time our nude travel account can remain under the radar of the evil Instagram spies. Will it work? Only the future can tell.

Luckily, we are not alone in this. Many other promotors of nudism, the acceptance of the nude body, and normalization of nudity, in general, are facing the same problems. And they’re not caving in either. They’re gaining strength. Followers, like we say in social media terms.
We are more than ever determined to use Instagram as a channel to promote nudism and we figured we might as well show you some other amazing nudist nudes.

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Nude Yoga Instagram Accounts

@Nude_yogagirl – Nude Yoga Girl

Although she’s only in her twenties, @nude_yogagirl can be considered the mother of all naked yoga accounts on Instagram. Within the 3 years of her account’s existence, she’s been able to gain more than 850 thousand followers and inspired lots of yogis around the world.
Even if yoga is not your thing, you might as well enjoy the amazing landscapes.

@nakedinmotion – Naked In Motion

Willow Merveille is the woman who introduced nude yoga in New York City with her famous Naked in Motion classes. More than naked yoga and pilates she also focuses on the battle against body shame and the empowering of all genders and sexual orientations.

@kemeticyogi Kemetic Yogi

An Atlanta based yoga instructor who organizes nude yoga and spiritual retreats around the world. We’ve met him during one of his retreats at EcoParque da Mata in Brazil and think that he’s a pretty interesting guy to follow.

Nudist Feature Instagram Accounts

@getnakedaustralia – Get Naked Australia

Pretty much half of the Aussie naked butts must appear on @getnakedaustralia by now. This account has been featuring happy nude people for a long time with the goal to normalize nudity and nudism in Australia.

@naked.in.nature – Naked In Nature

The best place to enjoy yourself in the nude is definitely in a natural environment. If you need some inspiration about great places to drop your pants or amazing photo ideas, you’ll surely find them here.

@Mynudebeaches – myNudeBeaches.com

Only the name @Mynudebeaches makes us think of the summer, skinny-dips, watching the sunset in the nude and…well… also about wiping sand from between our butt cheeks. Here you will find a collection of the best nude beaches around the world where you can wipe the sand from between your cheeks as well.


Everyday Nude Life Instagram Accounts

@a.naked.girl – A Naked Girl

Stella Cordes started her Instagram account after being inspired by previously mentioned @getnakedaustralia. She shows the beauty of home and garden nudism and living in the nude in general. You’ll find her painting the house, cutting the grass, or walk in the woods. All butt naked. Stella is one of the most popular influencers that shares Instagram nudes.


@our.naked.story – Our Naked Story

Blake and Liz started their Instagram only last year, so we don’t know yet where they will be going with it. What we do know is that they’re an active Californian couple who literally live in the nude. Like really, they live in a nudist resort. You’ll find them doing average things or enjoying the nature of the nearby national parks.


@the.naked.farmer – The Naked Farmer

If you thought that farming is not a cool job, you’ll seriously reconsider after having a look at this account. It was never the purpose of Ben Brooksby from Australia to promote farming though. With his Instagram account and website he wants to make mental health issues in his country and the rest of the world more discussable.

Nude Travel Instagram Accounts

@naturistgirl – naturist girl

Naturist girl loves to travel to natural places where she can enjoy her time relaxing in the nude. On her account you’ll find snapshots of her travels to Croatia, Thailand or just the park behind the corner.


@Naturistdan – Dan Carlson

We hate to say this, but if there’s someone who’s been to naturist places in more different parts of the world than ourselves, it must be From @Naturist. From the USA to Australia and from Greece to South Africa they’ve seen his naked butt pass by. If he hasn’t crossed your path yet, you can also see it on his Instagram account.

@n_wanderings – Naked Wanderings

If there is one nude Instagram account you just HAVE to follow, like if your life depends on it, it’s this one. Yeah, it’s our new one of course. Keep following @n_wanderings around the world and get inspiration for your next naked vacations. Or just laugh with our silly jokes, that’s up to you.

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Do you also have a favorite nude Instagram account or do you own one yourself and we forgot to list it here (shame on us!)? Let us know in the comment section!

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