ᐈ Telegram NUDES and SEXES 【The 30 BEST Groups】

Telegram is currently the best for swap nudesdiscover videos or some sextapes exclusives, meet sluts or even find girls with whom swap nudes anonymously. Today we are going to present you the 20 best nude groups and channels on Telegram to be continued !

However, if you don’t have the Telegram app, you won’t be able to join the groups! Here are the steps to follow to join a group present in this list:

  1. Download the app (Android or iOS)
  2. Click on the button ” Join » of the group you want to follow
  3. Enjoy the latest nudes and videos that have been published by the sluts!

The list of the best NUDES Telegram groups:

? JulieGROKUWA: (Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 02/24/2023)

So canal, you will find one 19 year old girl who shares videos of her getting fucked, nudes or even voice messages! It’s really nice as a channel, especially since it’s not very often open, you have to take advantage of it! (She tries to keep a closeness with her members)

I join Julie GROKUWA

? Melissa GANG: (Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 02/24/2023)

The famous Melissa has just reopened her private Telegram group. She’s a well-known blogger because she shares her opinion on the dating sites she’s been able to test. It is also very rare for a girl to talk about dating sites and give her opinion, we invite you to see her site. But if you want to see a good bitch, you can join Telegram.

I join Melissa GANG

? Emy Le piment chauuuud: (Opening of his private channel on 12/30/2022)

Emy is 22 years old and a real real slut. It’s really rare to come across girls who share real content! It really is the best channel of June a real find.

I’m joining Emy’s private channel

? Manooon Merlich: (Opening of his private channel on 02/24/2023)

Like Emy, it’s one of July’s best channels. A real girl who shares nudes, shows and sexy videos! It’s a great channel, a real girl and a real female dog.

I’m joining Manon’s private channel

? Louna the return: (Opening of his private channel on 08/28/2022)

Luna the back! It’s still there and it’s going to make noise! After a while she’s finally back

I join Louna’s private channel

? WHORES detector: (Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 07/02/2023)

So there it’s just something crazy, I would even say a revolution. It’s a BOT that analyzes and who sends directly the most active profiles on dating and dating sites (Tinder, J&M, Badoo, Lovoo..). It allows you to come across only real active girls, who respond to messages, who accept sex plans, nudes… BRIEF LE DREAM! It’s brand new, it’s the WHORES Detector.

I join WHORES Detector

? Beurette from France: Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 07/02/2023

So channel, you will find beurettes who love the fuck. It’s pretty crazy to see young people beurettes do as much kiss by guys… Must say that it’s sacred female dogs ! the channel is quite active, you have many videos available but very few nudes.

I join Beurette from France

? Jacquie & Michel: New Channel from 07/02/2023

Here it’s simple, it’s the best whores of Jacquie and Michel. What’s cool is that you’ll even be able to meet the sluts who act in the movies, but also introduce yourself if you want to take part in the next castings! Really a crazy channel if you like whores.

I join Jacquie & Michel

? Chienne de guerre: Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 07/02/2023

So channel you will find real female dogs of war, that’s the case to say. There are a lot of videos of girls being fucked, very often pretty hot french girls ! They also share a lot of photos, it’s cool.

I join Dog of war

? Nudes Sexy: Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 07/02/2023

Relatively soft channel. You will find sexy pictures there, of girls who are there to seduce you. It’s cool ! Very few fucks, but mostly girl videos who finger themselves, who masturbate. They are also there for swap nudes and find business plans.

I join Sexy Nudes

?NudesMeuf: Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 06/13/2022

This group is relatively similar to Nudes Sexy. It’s soft. It’s great if you like beautiful women and not only see girls live.

I join NudesMuf

? Excluded from SAH: Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 07/02/2023

On excluded from SAH, it is above all exclusive videos that you will find and hard. It’s really weird lol videos for example, a girl who gets fucked in an elevator, in a cellar…

I join Excluded from SAH

? Exchange Nudes Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 06/13/2022

Ideal if you want to exchange nudes with girls. The group is rather active I recommend! In addition to exchanging nudes, you will be able to meet real people! All the girls who are present in this group, are there to meet, cam plans or simply to exchange nudes

I join Exchange Nudes

? Plan CUL France: Reopening of the channel following a blockage: 07/02/2023

It’s brand new, it’s an algorithm that FINDS the most active girls on dating sites. Thanks to this system, you find the girls who are ready for a date, a sextape or to exchange nudes

I join Plan CUL France

? Live PORN

Mainly pro porn videos. It’s good for porn fans but there are hardly any amateur videos.

Je rejoins Live Porn

? Only KIFF

Only sluts and whores getting fucked. It’s quite nice there are also girls who offer exclusive nudes for free.

I join Que Du KIFF


Channel based only on sextapes and hard porn videos. You have to like it, but for the fans it’s nice.

I join HARD TV

? DamnChannel

Mainly pictures of girls. (Warning, we are not responsible for publications)

I join hot girls

? Super Star

If you like the stars, this is clearly the channel you have to visit.

I join Super Star

? Tiktok Premium New Channel from 07/02/2023

Only videos and nudes that come from Titkok. I think you noticed, but there are still good whores on Titkok.

Je rejoins TikTok PREMIUM

If you want to meet young whores ready to get fucked near you or if you want to exchange nudes, we can only advise you to register in the EchangeNudes.com community. It’s currently the best community to find girls who want to get screwed and exchange nudes (you’ve got a lot of young sluts who are even in a relationship lol).

I join the EchangeNudes.com community

Why is it imperative to join a group of nudes on Telegram?

If you’ve been used to joining accounts snapchat, of receive nudes on snap you know that the girls are real sluts. After snapchat, the big community switched to Telegram. Currently, the largest female dogs, sluts, whores, beurettes share nudes on telegramof the amateur videosof the sextapes. It really is the best way to have exclusive content like porn. And since it’s anonymous and secure, women share crazy stuff ! It’s really awesome. You can even find girls who want sexexchange a nude, chat with her one evening.

How can you add your group or channel to our list?

if you are a fan from a Telegram group or a channel that is not on the list and that you want introduce it to other members, do not hesitate to contact us. Likewise, if you are an administrator of a channel and you want to have new users, we will be happy to add it to our list of best porn telegram groups. (if you like porn sites, you can also see the best porn sites in 2023). However, it is important that the channel is active! If there are very few posts in the group, we won’t add them to the list.

How do I report a Telegram group or channel that no longer works?

If you clicked on a link that no longer works, you can report it by sending us a message on our contact page. Our goal is to always offer you the best ass groups for Telegram of France. If you also meet groups or adult channels that offer violent or illegal contentyou can also contact us so that we can delete it from the list. Thank you for your help !

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